New Sculpted Sunglasses: "Escuda"

Posted by Leeza Catteneo |

ROLE Optic sulpted eyeglasses are pleased to announce a new addition to our product line @ our ROLE Optic mainstore!

ROLE Optic - Escuda

"Escuda" sculpted sunglasses feature a sleek design to shield your eyes and serve as the perfect fashion accessory. "Escuda" features a built-in menu system which allows you to access a texture pack of 9 colors and patterns for men as well as a feminine texture pack of 9 colors and patterns designed for women. 


ROLE Optic - Escuda

See them "live" and grab a demo @ ROLE Optic mainstore.

ROLE Optic sculpted eyeglasses feature a built-in menu system. When you purchase a pair of ROLE Optic glasses you have the power to customize every part of the design. Choose from 9 different color and material options to fully personalize your glasses. Easily adjust the intensity and strength of the frame textures. Want to hide your avatar's eyes? Choose the level of transparency of the glass, the gradient and flare. Resize your glasses with our automatic fitting option. Repositioning your glasses from your nose to the top of your head is as easy as clicking a menu button and includes a customized avatar animation.

Have a great time!

Leeza & Rohal