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ROLE Magazine - Truth in Advertising

There's still time to advertise in ROLE Magazine's upcoming November issue. This will be the last chance to advertise with us since we will close the magazine down at this point and suspend any further plans until a later time.

We want to thank all the advertisers who supported us in the 12 issues and who made this wonderful project possible! We would also thank for the overwhelming feedback on publishing our true and verifiable readership statistics. And we would be more than happy to continue in assisting you on any questions regarding advertising in SL magazines and how to verify true readership numbers.

As you know we started to publish our true, verifiable readership numbers to allow potential and current advertisers the opportunity to clearly see the value and advantage in choosing to spend part of their ad budget with our monthly publication.

We know that a high priority for business owners is to maximize advertising budgets. ROLE Magazine understands that everyone is best served when substance is offered in place of hype. For this reason, we are proud to stand behind our ROLE Magazine Truth in Advertising initiative.

Read all about it here and view our actual readership statistics.

Ad rates and information here.

Please contact Leeza Catteneo for any further questions.

Have a great time!

Rohal, Ofelia & Leeza